Early Ballot Box 1977 stamp

Today’s blog post is on the 3¢ Early Ballot Box 1977 stamp given last night completed the 2016 Presidential Debates in this election year.   Here in North Carolina Early voting begins today.

The Americana Series 1975-191 Stamps, image from Mystic Stamp Company.

The wording on the stamp is “To Cast a Free Ballot—a Root of Democracy.”

The Early Ballot Box 1977 stamp was issued on December 8, 1977.  It is part of the Americana Series which I’m planning to come back with in a future blog post and cover more.  The series of definitive stamps began in 1975 and ran through 1981.

Previously we have covered the Register and Vote Commemorative 1964 stamp and Register and Vote Commemorative 1968 stamp in blog posts here.

It was nice to see both of these stamps included recently in an article at Linn’s Stamp News.  The October 7th Linn’s article is entitled: “The vote is in: ballot boxes, suffrage and elections on stamps”; it goes through a “few examples that show ballots or ballot boxes, picture other methods of voting, or include the word “vote.” All three are represented on stamps from the United States.”  

There are 18 days to the November 8th election but who’s counting?

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Image above upper left and above Mystic Stamp Company Scott #1584 1977 3c Early Ballot Box US Stamp

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