First-Class Mail Shape-Based Template

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First-Class Mail Shape-Based Template
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Today’s blog post is on discovering yesterday the real-life-application for needing my very own First-Class Mail Shape-Based Template.  To cut to the punchline – Their “Thickness slots help you determine if your mailpiece is a letter, flat or package”.

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To Be or Not To Be … a package. Or to be a letter.

Yesterday while at lunch I discovered that tucking in that little extra flat item in with my letter before sealing the envelope bumped me out of being considered a Letter.  Even though I had weighed it at home with my scale I had not selected Large Envelopes & Flats, or Thick envelopes for the menu for what was now considered a First-Class Mail Package/Thick Envelope.
While at the Post Office counter we started chatting and thankfully out appeared a nifty First-Class Mail Shape-Based Template and my envelope would not fit through the slot.   So I’ve been in search to order one of these templates and have found two offerings!  Think of this template like seeing does your suitcase fit under this seat example when buying luggage or at the airport at check-in.

From First-Class Mail Shape-Based Template. Guide can be used to determine USPS First-Class retail rates only

From the Product Description at
“Just place your mailpiece in the corner of this guide to determine whether your mailpiece is a postcard, letter, non-machinable letter, or package.”

USPS Shape Based Pricing Template at

There is also this USPS Shape Based Pricing Template I came across from

Over at the USPS  in their posting on What is First-Class Mail Shape-Based Pricing? “First-Class Mail shape-based pricing aligns the shape of mail with the relative processing costs for each mail shape.”    “The maximum size for letters did not change: 11-1/2″ x 6-1/8″ x 1/4″ thick.”

In conclusion, the quest begins to figure out what small little inserts to include with my letters without leaving the Letter category for my postage!  See if you don’t start trying this out too!   Wishing you a Happy Wednesday!

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First-Class Mail Shape-Based Template Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

Image above and Excerpts First-Class Mail Shape-Based Template

Excerpt USPS First-Class Mail Fact Sheet – What is First-Class Mail Shape-Based Pricing?

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