Fillmore Zippy day 93016 Pictorial Postmark

On this Tuesday morning, we are looking at the rare occurrence of date matching the zip code with the Fillmore Zippy day 93016 Pictorial Postmark.

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Last Friday on September 30, 2016 —  ’09-30-16′ the date found itself matching the zip code for Fillmore of 93016.

These rare once a century type of events when the Zip code corresponds to a date the USPS is calling Date meets ZIP Station.   The commemorative postmark displays Sept 30 2016 in the circle along with 93016 and FILLMORE, CA.

You will notice the train has the date 93016 woven into train in the pictorial postmark design given it is a “train town”.

At the Postal Reporter, the article provides an address for the postmark that will be available for 30 days.

Fillmore Post Office
333 Central Ave.
Fillmore, CA 93015

 From 9-30-16 is one Zippy day in Fillmore:

“The day comes just every 100 years for ZIP codes that correspond with dates. But in many ZIP codes, the second two digits are greater than 31, so they don’t correspond to a day in a month.

The next “Date Meets ZIP” day in Ventura County is four years away, in the 91320 ZIP code in Newbury Park.”

 This Pictorial Postmark I’m sending away for and perhaps you will too.  It is a fun way to add a little extra TA-Daahhhh factor to our letters!

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Postal Reporter  Date Meets Zip Code Event at Fillmore CA Post Office posted on Pictorial Postmarks by Helen Rittersporn



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