Preparedness and Mobile Letter Writing Kit

With watching the weather forecast for anticipating the Saturday arrival of Hurricane Matthew I’m looking at Preparedness and Mobile Letter Writing Kit.

I’m beginning today’s blog post with check out the emergency preparedness free offerings by Steven Harris below.  Also, I’m looking at updating my Mobile Letter Writing Kit to have it ready to include should we find ourselves evacuating.  Having been in the mandatory evacuation with Hurricane Floyd while on our family vacation at Pawley’s Island in 1999 I’m remembering how long it took to get back home.  It also reminds me of how much ‘down time’ there was in the process so I’m wanting my Mobile Letter Writing Kit this go-round.  In calling hotels last night over 100 miles away that also accept pet(s) it took over an hour to find.

Steven Harris: Before The Storm Hits, Free Family Preparedness Classes

There are several free offerings by Steven Harris, especially his Before The Storm Hits.  Just provide your name and email and immediately one receives the link to listen – free online or download.  The Free Easy Proven Family Preparedness Class is 2 hours 47 minutes, and he has a shorter version too.

Mobile Letter Writing Kit

From my June 26, 2015 blog post:     “…or you could be carrying your Anchored Scraps Address Book with you!  And you will want to have a few postcard stamps on you.”  ...  “It may sound like extra work initially but I have found by having created my own ‘mobile letter mailing kit’ that stays in the car, it comes in handy.   I have a 8 1/2 x 11 zipper plastic folio and it contains some stamps, a few ink pens (several colors), print out of mailing addresses (from excel), some envelopes and coordinated sheets of paper.”

The news has been showing Coastal South Carolina to begin over a Million to evacuate this afternoon.   With going further up the coast the proximity to Coastal North Carolina has me and neighbors considering hotel options.    Here’s to taking time now to take care of some preparation items so we are okay if needed “just in case”.   And don’t forget to cancel the booked guaranteed hotel should the path change and no longer needed! 

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Hurricane Matthew expected to impact NC coast Saturday; Wilmington area beaches could be ‘ground zero’ Posted October 04, 2016, 5:09 PM, by Web Staff.   Updated at 08:11 PM, October 4, 2016.

Image above Family Class – Get Prepared Now Steven Harris Audio Preparedness and Energy Classes  @knowpub blog post: Sumptuous Stationery Selects Stylish School Supplies July 16, 2015, by Helen Rittersporn



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