Words With Heart Eco Stationery

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Words With Heart Eco Stationery
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On this Thursday morning, we are looking at the Words With Heart Eco Stationery funding women’s and girls’ education projects.

First, I’m seeing encouraging news with a Twitter update as of 5:44 AM Eastern – “New forecast continues to show #HurricaneMatthew staying south, east of #NC coast...”   The actual specifics of anticipating how it is expected to impact Wilmington, North Carolina will continue to watch and prepare accordingly.
The Weather Channel as of Oct 6 2016 06:15 AM EDT states: “Hurricane Matthew will hammer parts of eastern Florida starting Thursday, and then spread up the coast of Georgia and the Carolinas Friday into the weekend.”   

Words With Heart Eco Stationery + Printery out of Brisbane, Australia

Image of Weekly Planner from WordWithHeart.com

If you happen to remember a very old ad campaign from Calgon, it said: “Calgon, take me away!”   Today’s blog post is definitely taking us away (over 9000 miles away).   Words With Heart has been in the queue to include as we march towards my 600th daily blog post milestone here at AnchoredScraps.com.

Words With Heart was started by Lauren Shuttleworth; the About page shares she is the “Founder and Director of Words With Heart. Passionate about conservation, women’s and girls’ education, and really good gelato.”   In addition, I came across this Words With Heart promoted partner story sharing its inspiration and background.

In looking at the Words With Heart Shop it lists three categories:  Custom Printery Products, Notebooks and Journals, and Printable Planners.
The Printable Planners items are available for downloading upon purchasing online.  Items include To-Do List, Fitness Planner, Monthly, Daily, Year, Weekly, Contacts, Goals, Meals, Recipe, and Shopping List Planner Set.
There are Printery custom eco-friendly stationery products available for business, entrepreneurs, and events.
This September 2014 Words With Heart YouTube is from their Launch Campaign on Start Some Good.

I’m having fun deciding which stationery items I will be ordering from Words With Heart and perhaps you will too!

In closing, whether you find yourself on the road or watching at home anticipating Hurricane Matthew praying for better weather and safe travels.
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Words With Heart Eco Stationery Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today

Twitter @WNCN 5:44 AM – 6 Oct 2016 New forecast continues to show #HurricaneMatthew staying south, east of #NC coast wncn.tv/2dgOc7W #MatthewNC

The Weather Channel Published: Oct 6 2016 06:15 AM ED “Hurricane Matthew’s U.S. Impacts: Storm Surge Inundation, Damaging Winds, Flooding Rainfall”

Wikipedia Calgon

Image above upper left  Words With Heart May 19 2015 @wordswheart

Words With Heart Stationery & Printery. “Eco Stationery and custom printing that funds education days for women and girls in the developing world.” @lollierae

Upworthy.com: Words With Heart promoted partner story.  “This woman sold $20,000 worth of stationery, and it’s helping women everywhere.  Your next calendar could do so much more than tell you what day it is.” June 17, 2016

YouTube Words With Heart – Stationery that Does Good  Posted by Words With Heart Published on Sep 4, 2014