Fountain Pen Day 2016

Today is two days in one: Fountain Pen Day 2016 and ‘World Champion Chicago Cubs Day’ for November 4, 2016! The Cubs will be celebrating with a parade this morning!

FountainPenDay Twitter Image November 3, 2016 with countdown to one more day – today November 4th, 2016!

Happy Friday!  It is already a year since covering Fountain Pen Day 2015!

Fountain Pen Day takes place “on the first Friday in November each year, Fountain Pen Day is celebrated by enthusiasts worldwide as a time to embrace, promote, and share the use of fountain pens.”

There is a countdown watch about to show less than one day over at the official website for Fountain Pen Day.

I’ve gone over to their eBay store to order Fountain Pen Day T-shirt L ~ w/ LA Pen Show extras.  Other offerings include Fountain Pen Day logo embroidered hat & swag.

Fountain Pen Day 2016 Sponsors

If you have ever considered getting a fountain pen spend a few minutes exploring the Fountain Pen Day 2016 Sponsors.    The Sponsors Page of participating vendors is worth exploring!

Thank you for joining me today for Fountain Pen Day 2016!  And, if you live in the Chicago area enjoy the parade!

Here’s to having fun with old-style correspondence today and every day!

Anchors Aweigh,  


FountainPenDayCountdown2016_squareFountain Pen Day 2016  Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

Image above Fountain Pen Day 2016, and Countdown Fountain Pen Day 2016.  Link to FPD eBay store, and Sponsors Page.

City releases details on Friday’s Cubs World Series parade by John Byrne Contact Reporter November 3, 2016, 6:08 PM Chicago Tribune

‘World Champion Chicago Cubs Day’  POSTED:NOV 03 2016 05:09PM CDT; UPDATED:NOV 03 2016 05:09PM CDT.  FOX 32 NEWS. blog post – Fountain Pen Day 11-06-2015 by Helen Rittersporn



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