In time for Thanksgiving Hummingbird Joy ebook

Today I’m having us look at Bill Zimmerman – In time for Thanksgiving Hummingbird Joy ebook which we first introduced here last year, in April 2015.

With this being the week of Thanksgiving many of us are looking at ways of expressing our gratitude for the many blessings in our life.

“Hummingbird Joy: A Book of All theThings That Make You Happy”

From my April 21, 2015, blog post this is what I wrote on Hummingbird Joy.

Image of covers “Lunchbox Letters”, “Laptop Letters”, & “Hummingbird Joy” – books by Bill Zimmerman

It was written in 2013.  “You will be able to read and write in this free interactive digital book –  go to the website and from there you will just click on the cover of the book shown. By doing so, you will download a PDF that will reveal a new memory book for you to write about all the good things in your life that are worth remembering.   With your written words, Hummingbird Joy will become your own treasure chest of personal wonders. … Writing helps affirm our joy and gratitude.”

One of the joys of blogging daily is the ongoing discovery of kindred spirits.   Thank you again to Bill Zimmerman for sharing his creativity; he continues to make these ebooks available for free.   Here’s to being thankful for his uplifting messages of encouragement.

Wishing you a Hummingbird Joyous day!  See if you don’t find yourself sharing these sentiments in your cards and letters this Thanksgiving week.

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In time for Thanksgiving Hummingbird Joy ebook Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today –

Image above cover Bill Zimmerman Hummingbird Joy ebook

Image above from “Lunchbox Letters”, “Laptop Letters”, & “Hummingbird Joy” – books by Bill Zimmerman, April 21, 2015 blog post by Helen Rittersporn



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