Thanksgiving Table RealSimple free printable

Our daily blog topic today is on the Thanksgiving Table RealSimple free printable from their November 2016 magazine.   The free printable was sent to me via snail mail by one of My Three Muses here at  Thank you!

We have covered our own AnchoredScraps Form Letter Template here previously.  This fill-in-the-blank form today by RealSimple is intended for sharing at the Thanksgiving table; however, one could always send in the mail too!

Thankful Thanksgiving Table free printable

Thanksgiving Table RealSimple free printable

The Fill-In-The-Blank downloadable form is available for free at the RealSimple website and is by Jenny Rosenstrach.  She is the NYTimes Bestselling Author of  How to Celebrate Everything: Recipes and Rituals for Birthdays, Holidays, Family Dinners, and Every Day In Between that was just released in September 2016.

Its purpose at RealSimple includes this in its description:

“Here’s how it works: Leave a printout at each seat—or let this be a cocktail hour activity—and have guests pair up. Each person can ask her partner to fill in the blanks (activity, food, verb, noun—you remember doing this in elementary school, right?), and then read the hilarious results around the table. If you want to be more sincere, let each guest fill out her own. Or put the finished sheets in a stack, read them out loud, and let guests guess whose is whose.”

There is time to print this off and include a print out at each table setting tomorrow on Thanksgiving. Here’s to sharing with family and friends what we are grateful for this year!

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Thanksgiving Table RealSimple free printable  Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today –

Image above November 2016 RealSimple I’m Thank For downloadable fill in the blank form  @RealSimple

RealSimple The Hilarious Item Every Thanksgiving Table Should Have.  Put the free printable on every place setting!

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