Sharing CraneandCo Vintage Letter Writing Advertisement

Today’s daily blog post encouraging letter writing is a real treat with sharing this CraneandCo Vintage Letter Writing Advertisement.

First of all my special thanks to Suzanne who thoughtfully shared a copy of this magazine ad she has kept safe for many years. The ad is a perfect sentiment encouraging letter writing. While I do not have a date for the ad it does reflect a time of fax machines technology.

The ad was first mentioned to me when we met this past November in my class I was presenting at WordCamp Wilmington 2016.

Over at the Crane & Co. blog, their tagline is “Social Stationery meets Social Media”. There is a 2012 article: From the Archives: Vintage Crane & Co. Advertisements; in reading through it I did not see this ad included among the images, nor at their referenced Pinterest board.

Today’s blog post is the first time I recall having the header image also included in the body of the blog post. In addition, I’m including the text in case one is not able to view the image itself.

“To the best of our knowledge,
no one has ever cherished a fax.
Whether a single line, or an entire page, any written note has depth,
texture, and even subtlety. Maybe that’s why a note tends to last. And since 1801, Crane & Co.
has been making the finest 100% cotton papers to give your words the place they deserve.
After all, you never really know just how long your writing might be kept.”

It then lists a phone number to find the retailer nearest you.
“Crane’s” Since 1801 – Taking your words seriously since 1801.”

TaDaaahhh!    Thank you for joining me today. With today being Wednesday it will find me later today striving to write my recurring weekly letters during Lent. Here’s to writing a letter today!

Anchors Aweigh,


CraneandCo Vintage Letter Writing Advertisement Attribution & Thank you to the following

Quote excerpt and image From the Archives: Vintage Crane & Co. Advertisements by craneandco, August 13, 2012. @CraneandCo

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