Finding Leafcutter Designs Embroidery Mail Letter Writing Kit

Today’s blog post is on my finding the unique letter writing novelty style of Leafcutter Designs Embroidery Mail Letter Writing Kit.

The image shown is of the Leafcutter Designs Embroidery Letter Kit. I’m seeing it available at both DryGoodsNY website and Leafcutter website. My first mention of Leafcutter Designs here was last May, with Worlds Smallest Postal Service, and there have been subsequent blog posts here about some of their other wonderful products.

Before we get started I wanted to thank The Missive Maven for her Retweet of Toronto’s First PO mentioning Embroider-a-letter kits being back in stock. Seeing the image got me interested to see where I could find one to purchase. While I did not find any online details for it there my searches ended up with me finding the Leafcutter Designs Embroidered Letter Kit over at DryGoodsNY site. 

Leafcutter Designs Embroidery Mail Letter Writing Kit

The Leafcutter Designs website lists it as Notebook “Paper” Embroidery Kit – A Personal “Letter” to Treasure!

From DryGoodsNY listing of it:

“Take your time and “write” a letter to someone special by stitching sweet words onto this piece of organic cotton notebook “paper.” Complete with button hole- holes get it? Tell them how you feel and be as crafty with your words as you are with your hands. Include it in a campers care package and hope to get a finished stitched letter in the mail back – fingers crossed or cross stitched! Ok, now done with the lame puns! Will you stitch a favorite quotation? Or perhaps a poem? Your math homework or a grocery list Expert stitching skills not required – the more handmade it looks, the more sincere your words. A great gift for, anyone who likes to sew or knit or someone who will appreciate your craftiness! …”

To read the entire listing click here or here.

Letter Writers Alliance Embroidered Mail Workshop

Over at the Letter Writers Alliance, their recent tweet mentions teaching last year an Embroidered Mail Workshop.  I became a Lifetime Member with them coming up on two years ago, blogging about it on April 8, 2015, less than two months after launching AnchoredScraps here. For $5 you too can become a Lifetime member!

The question begs itself – once finishing embroidering the letter – how to best go about getting the frame for it. I’m thinking there must be some kind of fun envelope to go with it!  Stay tuned!

Join me tomorrow for my month recap and get ready for April 01 kicking off National Letter Writing Month 2017!
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