‘Jeopardy!’ episode On a Postage Stamp category

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‘Jeopardy!’ episode On a Postage Stamp category
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Earlier this week the game show Jeopardy! featured On a Postage Stamp category.

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At the end of today’s blog post – from the movie, Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, I’m including this scene from Jeopardy! – What is Mexico?’ that is still fun to see!

‘Jeopardy!’ episode On a Postage Stamp category

Over at Linn’s Stamp News, their article goes into detail of the May 9th episode.

“Postage stamps made a return visit to the popular syndicated television game show Jeopardy! on May 9, with a category titled “On a Postage Stamp.”   …

Following the familiar answer-and-question format of the show, the category in the episode’s first Jeopardy round contained five clues about the subjects of recent United States postage stamps, each read aloud by host Alex Trebek. The contestants competed to respond to each statement with an appropriate question.

… The contestants then ran through the category in ascending order of value, from top to bottom on the clue board.

The $400 clue stated, “This character posed with his creator, Edgar Rice Burroughs.” Parker correctly responded, “Who is Tarzan?”  

Burroughs and Tarzan were featured together on a forever stamp issued in 2012 (Scott 4702).  …

Stamp clues appear periodically on Jeopardy!, which challenges contestants with categories from almost every aspect of life and history.”  

To read the entire article, http://www.linns.com/news/us-stamps-postal-history/2017/may/stamps-category-on-jeopardy.html

Here’s the Bill Murray Jeopardy! scene from the movie Ground Hog Day!

We have included Jeopardy! game show reference to postage stamps here previously. Back on September 09, 2015, my daily blog post was on “Did you see Stamps category on ‘Jeopardy!’ ? Thanks to Linn’s Stamps News”.

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