Bridal Veil Oregon Post Office Hand Cancels

Think of the month of June with weddings and brides and it’s the perfect combination for today’s blog post on the Bridal Veil Oregon Post Office and their Hand Cancels they will put onto Wedding Invitations. It is an opportunity to show off your cursive writing on the invitations with this finishing touch! And you don’t want to miss my Call for Post Office Sleuths at the end of today’s blog post. Who knew our letter writing would take us to Oregon today!

Thank you to Tally, one of My Three Muses, here at AnchoredScraps for being the inspiration for today’s blog post.  She recently sent me a text with an image of Country Living 2017 magazine on Snail Mail.  I’m still pursuing more details on it; in the meantime, it is fun to come across this 2015 Country Living article.


Image of Video Embedded at Country Living June 04, 2015 article. You can click on this and it will take you to the article and video. In the upper right corner of this photo, you can see one of the two Hand Cancels – interlocking heart or doves.

Bridal Veil Oregon Post Office –
Hand Cancels on Wedding Invitations

We are looking at a 2015 Country Living magazine article entitled – Why Brides Across the Country Are Flocking to This Oregon Post Office

“Every year, hundreds of brides-to-be travel to a virtual ghost town in Northern Oregon in search of a 110-square foot shed. Why? They make the long trek so their wedding invitations are postmarked from Bridal Veil, Oregon.

While a simple stamp may seem minute when it comes to sending out invitations, it’s the wedding-themed postmark these future brides really desire. So much so that this tiny post office (which is the third-smallest in the U.S.) handles 190,000 pieces of bridal mail annually — 95% of its total business.

The postal clerk there even hand-cancels every envelope — protecting the expensive stationary — with a postmark featuring interlocking hearts or doves. For some wedding planning perfectionists, it’s the icing on the tiered cake. …”

The article also includes listing alternative romantic locales for the Northeast, South, Midwest, and West Coast. Among them are Paradise, Pennsylvania; Loving, Kentucky; Loveland, Ohio; and Romeo, Colorado.

Call for Post Office Sleuths!

Three weeks ago we had my blog post on the Smallest US Post Office Ochopee Florida 34141.  Today’s blog post on the Bridal Veil Oregon Post Office has the claim of being the third smallest Post Office in the U.S.     If you would like to help do a search of what is the second smallest U.S. Post Office, here is an opportunity to join in the search fun with me. Here are some options to contact me.

My thanks again to Tally. Join me tomorrow for my Friday blog post which is also email blog subscriber inspired – think Typewriters!

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Bridal Veil Oregon Post Office  Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today –

Country Living Magazine – Why Brides Across the Country Are Flocking to This Oregon Post Office – They’re on a mission of love. BY CAROLINE PICARD, JUN 4, 2015  @countryliving “[Via NBC News] From: Good Housekeeping” Image above of Bridal Veil Post Office, and excerpt. daily blog post: Smallest US Post Office Ochopee Florida 34141 May 24, 2017, by Helen Rittersporn.



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