Cookies and Cursive Handwriting Summer Camp

Given this daily blog is all about encouraging letter writing, today’s blog post on Cookies and Cursive Handwriting Summer Camp is perfect!

The Denver Post carried an article last week on a Denver Mom wanting cursive back in schools. In reading the article we learn she is not only is talking about it but doing something about it.  Fast forward in the article and we learn – “Bowland is hosting a cursive summer camp in June to teach young kids the joys of cursive writing.”

Denver Post Article

“… So she created “Cookies and Cursive, Mindful and Artistic Handwriting for the 21st Century Child,” a course he hopes to use in after-school classes across the metro area.

Bowland — who describes herself as a “serial entrepreneur by trade” — says the course introduces kids to American cursive handwriting through the language of baking. Kids learn how to read cursive and properly form letters, write words, sentences and paragraphs in cursive through visuals, activities and personalized projects.” …  

“We want children to be able to write thank you notes to their grandparents,” she said. “That is something both will treasure.”

To read the entire article by Monte Whaley click here.

Cookies and Cursive Handwriting Summer Camp 

From the Mile High Mama’s website – “When Suzanne Bowland of Denver learned that her third-grade son would not be taught cursive handwriting this year at his Denver Public School, she was disappointed and decided to take matters into her own hands, literally.” … 

The camp debuts June 19, 2017.

Here is a link to a previous blog post of mine on Cursive Handwriting from December 2015. Thank you for joining me today. It is very exciting to learn of her Cookies and Cursive Handwriting Summer Camp!

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