Penna Typewriter Style Retro Bluetooth Keyboard

Our letter writing will enjoy this option using the Elretron Penna Typewriter Style Retro Bluetooth Keyboard, in the Prototype Stage of Indiegogo Campaign. The site is showing a September 2017 estimated arrival date.

We have covered the merging of the typewriter experience with technology in previous blog posts that have included Vintage Steampunk Typewriter Keyboard from January 2017; in May 2015, we covered Typewritten Letters (USB optional).

Thank you to Debbie, one of My Three Muses, here at AnchoredScraps for being the inspiration for today’s blog post, sending this link from earlier this week!

Penna Typewriter Style Retro Bluetooth Keyboard

Everything you ever wanted to know about the specs, the different colors, the two types of keycaps developed exclusively for them, along with featured options, and campaign perks is all there at Indiegogo Elretron Penna Campaign page.

I’m including a link to their two YouTube videos, one on the device itself and another on Elretron AD making movie that came out a week ago.

Thank you again to Debbie.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a great day ahead! Join me tomorrow for my Saturday blog post as we continue exploring different letter writing aspects encouraging us to write letters!

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P.S. Here’s my link from two years ago on Secretariat, Realizing your dream, given on this day in 1973 Secretariat Wins Triple Crown, showing the 1991 commemorative postage stamp.

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