Summer Novelty Ice Cream Sandwich Postcard

We have had ‘bulky’ mail items before but nothing like making our own Summer Novelty Ice Cream Sandwich Postcard today!

As we begin seeing a longer weekend coming up with the approaching 4th of July, today’s blog post is something you may want to consider printing off and having as a project.

The image upper left is from the August 2013 article, Make an ice cream sandwich postcard; it has step-by-step instructions along with photos at

“What would be cool, sweet and a real treat to get in the mail? An ice cream sandwich! All you’ll need to make this playful postcard is a few simple supplies. Postage will depend on weight and size, but these sandwiches mailed for about $2.10.” …

The article includes the list of supplies.

I’m even remembering from 2016 my Mailing Hula Hoops blog post!

Have fun putting this together, today’s blog post can be a springboard for creative summer letter writing projects – Enjoy!

Ice Cream Sandwich Postcard from article.

Anchors Aweigh,  


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