Letter Writing Dog Mountainside Crafts Rubber Stamp & Celebrating AnchoredScraps 850th Daily Blog Post Today

On this Saturday we are having fun with this whimsical Letter Writing Dog Mountainside Crafts Rubber Stamp over at Etsy. This afternoon I’ve been enjoying writing letters using two of my Waterman fountain pens catching up with pen pals. More on that at the end of today’s blog post.

Today is daily blog post #850 since launching AnchoredScraps.com!

Letter Writing Dog Mountainside Crafts Rubber Stamp

Seeing this vintage rubber stamp at Etsy has found me wanting to order it. Mountainside Crafts at Etsy is out of Tuftonboro, NH. I’m checking to see if they can make the stamp with a wooden handle so it can fit on my rubber stamp pedestal stand.

The stamped image size is 1 1/8 X 2 1/8 INCHES.
The description of the stamp:

“This cute little pooch is just sitting down to send you a little note. A great stamp just for sending a note to a friend. Perfect matched with our ‘a little note’ sentiment stamp.

At Mountainside Crafts it is our commitment to quality that makes each stamp feel like a treasured piece of art work in your hands. Each image is deeply etched in natural red rubber to ensure every detail transfers to your project with ease. Each stamp is professionally cut and mounted on a hand finished hardwood maple block right in our home studio.”

Celebrating AnchoredScraps.com 850th Daily Blog Post Today

Today, June 24, 2017, is daily blog post #850 since launching on February 26, 2015. This is a link to my previous AnchoredScraps.com Milestone blog posts. It continues to be a delight to blog here daily encouraging letter writing.

Thank you for continuing to be on this daily blog journey with me. I’m still striving to ideally post at the same time each day, while still balancing working full-time. There are times with IRL (In Real Life) occurring that my daily blog post does not get posted around the same time each day, thank you for your understanding!

In wrapping up today’s blog post, I’m circling back to the mention of writing pen pals at the beginning of today’s blog post.    One of the realizations I’ve been declaring today with writing letters to my pen pals is setting expectations moving forward for me to reply within ten days of receiving a letter. With the volley back and forth of letter writing between penpals, I believe having a ten-day reply window will be helpful with setting expectations; of course, the time window is negotiable. I’m determined to get caught up with all of my letters by the end of this month, which also means being done by this quarter, and 1st Half of 2017!

In case you have something on your to-do list you’ve been meaning to do this month, quarter, year – now is the time! We have six days until the end of June!  Join me tomorrow for my Sunday blog post! In the meantime, I’m off to show this image of the Letter Writing Dog Mountainside Crafts Rubber Stamp to Cooper! 

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Letter Writing Dog Mountainside Crafts Rubber Stamp, Etsy – Image, description.

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