Four Mount Rushmore National Memorial Stamps

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Four Mount Rushmore National Memorial Stamps
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Our letter writing interests today finds us continuing to look at Mount Rushmore with these Four Mount Rushmore National Memorial Stamps.

Yesterday we covered the Love Letters from Mount Rushmore book and included a mention of a previous blog post of mine that included the 1952 Mt. Rushmore stamp.

Four Mount Rushmore National Memorial Stamps

It was interesting to read in Rushmore adorns postage stamp — again” article: “In 1952, a 3-cent stamp, showed a boy and his mother peering up at Mount Rushmore. Rapid City businessman Don Frankenfeld says he is the boy in the picture. It was based on a photo taken by his father, Robert Frankenfeld, when Don was 3 years old. That makes him one of the only living people to ever be on a U.S. postage stamp.”  #1011 – 1952 – As I mentioned in my blog post yesterday, the 1952 3c Mt. Rushmore Memorial stamp was the header image in my Presidents Day and Presidential Letters blog post from February 15, 2016.

Note from Helen — Please note at the time of that 2008 article –Rushmore adorns postage stamp — again that was the policy.
This policy changed in 2011 to allow living persons on a U.S. Stamp, here is a link to an article at NPR – Living People To Appear On Stamps For First Time.

#C88 – 1974 – From Mystic Stamp Company – “Mount Rushmore was featured on U.S. #C88, which was issued as part of the increase of the international rate for letters and letter packages. The rates were increased to 26¢ per half-ounce for all destinations in the world (except for Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and certain islands).”

#2523 – 1991 – From Mystic Stamp Company – “This stamp was another in a long-running series of definitives that showed the American flag waving over a national landmark. Located in South Dakota, at the foot of the Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore is crowned by gigantic carvings the heads of four U.S. Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. This massive project was begun in 1927 and was not completed until 14 years later, in 1941.”

#4268 – 2008 –  From “Rushmore adorns postage stamp — again” article includes this description – “It’s based on a painting by Dan Cosgrove of Chicago. Cosgrove also did a painting for the Hoover Dam Express Mail stamp, issued on the same day as the Rushmore stamp.”

As we wrap up today’s blog post on Four Mount Rushmore National Memorial Stamps, do you recall ever writing any letters that included putting any of these stamps onto your envelope? The 1991 29c Flag over Mount Rushmore stamp looks familiar. See if any ring familiar to you too!

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Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

Mystic Stamp Company – These images are shown above: #1011 – 1952 3c Mt. Rushmore Memorial; #C88 – 1974 26c Mt. Rushmore; #2523 – 1991 29c Flag over Mount Rushmore; #4268 – 2008 $4.80 Mount Rushmore

Excerpt Rushmore adorns postage stamp — again by Dan Daly, June 13, 2008. @BlackHills

Link NPR Living People To Appear On Stamps For First TimeSeptember 26, 201110:34 AM ET daily blog post: Love Letters from Mount Rushmore book July 01, 2017, by Helen Rittersporn.

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