InCoWriMo Letter Writing Pen Pals Follow-Up

Today is a quick update on InCoWriMo Letter Writing Pen Pals Follow-Up from the February 2017 event.

Upcoming InCoWriMo February 2017
From AnchoredScraps January 17, 2017, daily blog post “Upcoming InCoWriMo February 2017”

The pen pals that have resulted from participating in the #InCoWriMo event has been a lot of fun. Just yesterday I received another letter from one of the new pen pals I met through the event in Connecticut.  Last week while at the Ford dealership for a recall of the driver’s side airbag I was able to use the time in the waiting area with pen and paper and write a reply letter to pen pal in Pennsylvania.

The new pen pal friends I have met connecting with kindred spirits who enjoy letter writing is wonderful.

Making the time to reply with a fountain pen and really getting to select postage stamps to affix on the outside of the envelope is a joy knowing the recipient is really paying attention as well!    During the month of February, I wrote 125 hand written letters. For the first three weeks I’m recalling I did not receive a lot of replies; however, I was not prepared for the large number of replies that arrived in March 2017; there was even a postcard received in just the past two weeks from Indonesia.

There are still letters I’m replying to wanting to really write a nice individual letter reply and not just assembly line them.  I’m in the midst of preparing a blog post for August that will be a six month summary with some statistics to include. It is a good thing I have been keeping a log entry of who I write and receive from as it continues to come in handy with keeping up with everyone.

The stamp shown upper left is from the 1987 Special Occasions Booklet Stamps, Keep in Touch, 22 cents U.S. Stamp.   For many years, the Postal Service received requests for stamps that could be used for special occasions.  These were the first U.S. stamps to be specifically created for a specialized retail mar­ket and the first U.S. booklet to have the UPC (Uni­versal Prod­uct Code) bar code on the cover.”

Tomorrow is my Saturday blog post and I’ve got a fun Stationery DIY inspired from one of My Three Muses here at AnchoredScraps!
 Anchors Aweigh,

InCoWriMo Letter Writing Pen Pals FollowUp Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

Image shown upper left – Mystic Stamp Company – Keep in Touch, Special Occasions Booklet Stamps. U.S. stamp #2274 1987 22¢. Excerpt. daily blog post: Upcoming InCoWriMo February 2017, Image InCoWriMo Twitter logo; January 17, 2017, by Helen Rittersporn.



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