Mailbox Washi Tape Letter Writing Embellishments

Today’s blog post encouraging letter writing is looking at Mailbox Washi Tape and other mailbox themed embellishments for adding to our envelopes.

When I saw this Mailbox Washi Tape I thought it perfect for adding to my collection of mailbox themed embellishments – including rubber stamps, stickers, and more.

From January 18, 2017, blog post

This past January I had a blog post that included Winnie the Pooh rubber stamp with him waiting at Mailbox. I use this rubber stamp a LOT these days with my letter writing.

This rubber stamp with Dog with Mailbox wagging his tail has me seriously getting ready to get it too.

And for one more, this Mailbox washi masking tape.

We can also use this for card making, scrapbooking, and other paper crafts; however, I’m really enjoying embellishing the outside of my envelopes that I send in the mail these days. Here’s to having fun with our letter writing!

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P.S. Right after I ordered the Mailbox Washi Tape shown above upper left, the Etsy store came back with saying now out of stock on them. Hopefully, it will get restocked soon!

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