Royal Epoch Portable Manual Typewriter

The Royal Epoch Portable Manual Typewriter is our topic today.  There are times I love using one of my typewriters for my letter writing. I’ve got one letter, in fact, this next week that I’ll be especially using my Olivetti Lettera 22 portable manual typewriter.

In writing today’s blog post on this Sunday, finding a portable manual typewriter that I can buy NEW had me doing a double take. And it lists for well UNDER $200.

The best description I found is over at on the Royal Epoch Portable Manual Typewriter.

“There’s nothing like the satisfying click-clack sound and feeling of a manual typewriter. Our classic black Manual Typewriter is both decorative and practical, the ideal solution for addressing envelopes, filling out forms, writing short notes or creating the Great American Novel. It makes a great conversation piece, or a fun way for children to practice their writing. Includes clamshell carrying case and black/red ribbon.”

This listing shows these features for the Royal Epoch Portable Manual Typewriter at Amazon.

  • Classic black typewriter
  • Full size keyboard: 44 keys / 88 symbols
  • Sturdy lightweight ABS housing
  • Brand new machine (not refurbished or used)

While over here, a different listing at Amazon shows this for the Royal Epoch Portable Manual Typewriter with Spool Typewriter Ribbon (2-Pack).

  • Impression control lever
  • Margin tabs stop with release key
  • Space Bar with Repeater Key
  • 1″, 1 “, 2” variable line spacing
  • Paper & Carriage Release Lever

As we wrap up today’s blog post, I’m going to have to do some more exploring further about typewriters that are still being manufactured in 2017. In the meantime, if you have a typewriter sitting around in your home consider getting it out and using it this next week with your letter writing! If you don’t have a typewriter perhaps you will put it on your list of things to look for when out at a garage sale, thrift store, vintage shop, or on your wish list!

Join me tomorrow as we kick off the new week.  THE END.

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