August Mailbox Letter Writing Follow-Up

Letters From The Way Book CoverToday is a follow-up on some of the items recently mentioned here at with our topic of August Mailbox Letter Writing – on books, kits, and post cards too.

The hard back just arrived of “Letters from the Way” by Barbara Anderson looks like a really wonderful book to enjoy with a cup of favorite tea. I can see this being visited over several cups of tea visits and in quiet moments. This summer has found a few more books being added to my collection of books on letter writing, which now includes this one.

Do you recall the blog post on Sending Paper Airplane Letters Activity Tin recently? The tin is worth buying the collection itself, let alone the preprinted fold along the instructions lines after writing your letter from one of the many letter forms in the kit. This was a real find and one I’m considering ordering an additional one too!

Sending Paper Airplane Letters Activity Tin TSShure

Bilipala Ferris Wheel Vintage MINI Postcards Bookmarks

The Ferris Wheel Vintage Mini Postcards Bookmarks arrived rather quickly; however, I’ve got mixed views after receiving them. The tin is nice, the size is great, however, I just don’t care for the same label appearing under the image on each mini-postcard. It is visible in the image of them in the photo on the site, I’m just still figuring out how best to use them as bookmarks for sending with my letter writing.

For ease of keeping these follow-ups associated with their original posting, I’m going to be where applicable, adding an addendum with date and comment under the signature for these three items in today’s blog post on August Mailbox Letter Writing Follow-Up.  This means today’s will be added to their respective associated posts too.

Thank you for joining me today as we have begun a new week! Join me tomorrow for my Tuesday blog post.

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August Mailbox Letter Writing Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

Image above Classical American mail box decorated with clematis, ID 46283535 © Marynag | Dreamstime daily blog post: “Letters from the Way” by Barbara Anderson, August 07, 2017; Ferris Wheel Vintage MINI Postcards Bookmarks, August 05, 2017; Sending Paper Airplane Letters Activity Tin, July 25, 2017; by Helen Rittersporn.






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