D-Day Ohio Conneaut Pictorial Postmark 2017

In the US Postal Service Postal Bulletin today it includes showing the D-Day Ohio Conneaut Pictorial Postmark available August 17-19, 2017.

D-Day Conneaut is a premier living history event; the annual event recreates the D-Day Invasion of June 6th, 1944.

About the D-Day Conneaut 2017 Event

The poster shown below is from the D-Day Conneaut website.

“It is the purpose of D-Day Ohio, Inc. to faithfully preserve the events of June 6, 1944 by annually sponsoring “D-day Conneaut”. The event commemorates the World War II battle that occurred on the Normandy coast in early June of 1944 between the Allied and Axis armies.”…

D-Day Ohio Conneaut Pictorial Postmark August 17-19, 2017

This is the address the USPS Postal Bulletin, August 17, 2017, for the D-Day Vets Ohio Pictorial Postmark. The image is very fuzzy in picture quality that they are showing. I’m including it anyway (see upper left).

Also at that link, it gives the full instructions for requesting a Pictorial Postmark.

If you have not requested one before this may be the event you want to send off for one. The process is very straightforward.

August 17–19, 2017

D-Day Vets Ohio, D-Day Station, Postmaster, 268 State Street, Conneaut, OH 44030-9998.

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Postal Bulletin 22474; 08-17-2017. Image D-Day Vets Ohio Pictorial Postmark. @USPSStamps.

Both images from D-Day Conneaut website. Excerpt. @DDayOhio

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