Cooper & 100 Art Dogs Postcards

Our puppy Cooper and his antics in the pool today is the inspiration for this blog post on 100 Art Dogs Postcards! 

Cooper enjoying Pool Time, Play Time today, September 20, 2017. His adventure concluded with a bath after discovering the mud.

First, here is an update I’m sharing on Cooper.

To begin with, at age 17 months our family Brittany Spaniel is still loving full throttle puppy joyful antics. Secondly, we are expecting this puppy behavior until at least age two, or three, or four!

Furthermore, as a postcard enthusiast, it is fun to see this set of 100 Art Dogs Postcards offering from 2014.

About the 100 Art Dogs Postcards

“Share 100 postcards featuring all your favorite pups from Robynne Raye’s 1,000 Dog Portraits (Rockport Publishers). From working dogs and hounds, to terriers, mutts and many more! Discover amazing renditions of dogs through a diverse range of artistic talent in portraiture and enjoy truly inspired art in this stunning collection.”

In conclusion, I’m off to go hear about his afternoon playtime while playing a game of chase the ball with him! This will surely get talked about in my next letter writing chronicles to a few pen pals!

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