AnchoredScraps WordCamp Wilmington 2017 Postcards

Being a Presenter and including a brief letter writing exercise results in AnchoredScraps WordCamp Wilmington 2017 Postcards I will be giving out on Sunday to class participants!

Happy Friday!  The sold-out WordCamp Wilmington 2017 two-day event is this weekend, September 23 & 24!  

For the past several months my letter writing has been including the recurring theme of being a returning Speaker. The two-day event is Saturday & Sunday.

This is a link to the WordCamp Wilmington 2017 Schedule, and Speakers. There are four tracks: Beginners, Business/Marketing, Designers/Power Users, and Developer. If you use WordPress or considering using WordPress, then WordCamps are a fantastic opportunity for ongoing learning.

My topic this year is “Top 9 Lessons from daily blogging for over 900 days & still counting”. Today is daily blog post #940!

The 2017 event has also found me working on the SWAG (think goodies!). It continues to be a joy working with such an enthusiastic team of Organizers and learning the benefits of using Slack for our team messaging.

Greetings from WordCamp Wilmington 2017

The AnchoredScraps postcards arriving on my doorstep earlier in the week was exciting. One cannot write a daily blog encouraging letter writing and be a presenter without including some aspect of letter writing. Postcards are a perfect letter writing option!

Just like last year, I’m anticipating giving them out to my class participants on Sunday! Whereas last year the postcards were Sylvester and Tweety and Daffy Duck USPS postcards, this year my postcard is a souvenir having the WordCamp Wilmington 2017 Logo on the front. And finally, at the class on Sunday, I’ll have the reveal of the other side.

In conclusion, thank you very much for the letters I’ve been receiving this week, texts, and emails. Tomorrow, my Saturday blog post is one I’ve been anticipating for over a week now! Until tomorrow!

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. Cooper will be in at least one of the slides in my presentation!

AnchoredScraps WordCamp Wilmington 2017 Postcards Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today –

WordCamp Wilmington 2017 website, logo. @WordCampILM

AnchoredScraps daily blog post: Christmas Sweggings & WordCamp Speaking, December 16, 2016; Daffy Duck Postcards and Bill Murray 7th Inning, October 29, 2016; Saturday morning – I tawt I taw a tweety bird! November 21, 2015; by Helen Rittersporn.




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