Naomi Bulger Letter Writing e-Course & Added Bonus

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Naomi Bulger Letter Writing e-Course & Added Bonus
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It is exciting to share there are spots available for signing up for the upcoming Naomi Bulger Letter Writing e-Course! The unique class begins in 10 days. Registration is now open.

If you sign up this weekend only, she will “send you a chatty letter with some unique mail-art, hand-painted by me.  This offer is just for this weekend only (otherwise I’d be committing to too much mail-art and your letter wouldn’t arrive until this time next year!). It will disappear on Sunday 8 October at 11pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time). “

Naomi Bulger Letter Writing e-course, “The Most Beautiful Letter You Have Ever Written”

Here is a link to read the full overview, FAQs, and feedback from some of her previous students.

“Over four weeks, I will guide you through multiple methods of making beautiful mail-art and creative, handmade stationery; teach you the art of writing and storytelling; help you forge personal connections in your letters and find pen-pals if you want them; and share time-management tips so even the busiest people can enjoy sending and receiving letters. I’ll also give you exclusive access to original downloadable resources including mail-art envelope templates, stickers or labels, art-stamps, writing prompts, and access to my own private mail-art pen-pal group.” …

You can click on this image to link to the Naomi Bulger Letter Writing e-course for full details.

Reading the email in my inbox this morning found me signing up! First, I’m taking advantage of an Added Bonus good during this weekend only. Second, I really like that even though it is a four-week program, access is for a whole year. If you have been wanting to really express your individuality with your letter writing this is a perfect opportunity. The beauty of it being online makes this an International course!

With the AU dollar rate exchange, the $69.95 Registration fee was less for the US dollar. In using Paypal it automatically did the calculating for me.

Thank you for joining me today. What an amazing past two weeks with first getting the new Happy Mail book, and to now have an online Letter Writing e-course to take. See you in class!

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Naomi Bulger Letter Writing e-course, “The Most Beautiful Letter You Have Ever Written”, Images, excerpt.

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