Having Our Letter Writing Include Current Events ie Beedoop

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Having Our Letter Writing Include Current Events ie Beedoop
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Today’s blog post is about Having Our Letter Writing Include Current Events ie Beedoop. There is a new phrase being coined because of All Nippon Airways ANA175 – #beedoop thanks to supermodel Chrissy Teigen.

Last night on Twitter I was seeing tweets about the All Nippon Airways ANA175 flight having to turn around en route to Tokyo from LA. They were four hours into their eleven-hour flight.

The tweet that started it all – by @chrissyteigen 10:20 PM – 26 Dec 2017

You can click here to view the Tweet from earlier tonight on this Wednesday evening – it includes a short news story by Gadi Schwartz‏, NBC News which I’m also embedding here; I’m enjoying seeing #BeedoopGoals as a hashtag with the tweet.  And there is a story summarizing the flight in The Wrap.

Is it possible that one day we will have a postage stamp recalling the experience? I’m thinking of the “Every Stamp Tells a Story” book post from this summer.

Writing a daily blog post encouraging letter writing finds me wanting to remember to include current events in our letters. Given several of my pen pals are email blog subscribers here, it is an easy guess what I’ll be including in my next batch of letters! How about you? Perhaps in our Christmas Thank You Notes, we’ll include a mention of #BeedoopGoals for 2018!

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