Hot Chocolate Blank Greetings Card & Marshmallows

I’m really enjoying seeing the creativity of the Hot Chocolate Blank Greetings Card today in the midst of all the cold weather! And yes we need to add Marshmallows!

At the StoryBookCafeGifts Etsy Shoppe – is located over the pond, as the expression goes. When ordering it will be coming to us from Sheffield, United Kingdom.

“Indulge a chocolate lover with this hot chocolate card, made with a Polaroid of an original photo from The Storybook Cafe, gold heart print washi tape, textured white card, a matching self-seal envolope and a recipe for perfect hot chocolate. Make it a gift for an extra £1 and add a Hot Chocolate Taster in White, Milk or Dark Chocolate.”

There are four different styles to choose from when ordering: the card itself; the card and white chocolate; card and dark chocolate; and card and milk chocolate.

We can add chocolate to the order with the card!

To read about all profits from the purchase go towards The Storybook Cafe … click here.

Here’s to staying bundled up over the next few days. It does give us something to write about in our letters!

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. You may enjoy seeing these again, from my post last year – twelve different free printable snowflake templates patterns.

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