Snowflake Wax Seal Stickers & Salutations

Greetings & Salutations with the arrival of snow overnight inspiring me to find these Snowflake Wax Seal Stickers.

One of the things I like about these Snowflake Wax Seal Stickers for our letter writing is the portability of it – perfect for carrying along in a small letter writing kit!

Snowflake Wax Seal Stickers

To add to our letter writing options for dressing up our envelopes – we are looking at the Etsy Shoppe ThePeacocksStash of  Mystic, Connecticut. It offers a wide selection of color choice for their Snowflake Wax Seal Stickers and other designs – including an anchor! An added nice touch is the free shipping to the United States.

Among the other choices from the ThePeacocksStash, is the Anchor Wax Seal Sticker.

“Each listing is for 25 seals as pictured above in the color of your choosing. Each seal is handmade … with 100% high-grade flex wax. This wax allows for it to go through the mail without getting damaged, … The seals are not just for paper products and stationery, … personally use them on placecards settings at formal dinners, wine bottles and candles.”

I’m ordering a set of these, want to guess if it is of snowflakes or anchors?  Stay tuned! Join me tomorrow as we wrap up this first week of January with my Friday blog post. 

Anchors Aweigh,  


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Snowflake Wax Seal Stickers
Image, ThePeacocksStash, Snowflake Wax Seal Sticker

ThePeacocksStash Snowflake Wax Seal Stickers, image, excerpt. Anchor style too.

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