French Vintage Small Wood Rocker Desk Blotter

There is a most unique item I’m seeing on Etsy of a French Vintage Small Wood Rocker Desk Blotter. Dating for this “Journal Writers Friend” item is placing it from the 1930’s.

French Vintage Small Wood Rocker Desk Blotter

The listing is showing it obviously as a one of a kind available over at PumpjackPiddlewick.

“A Rocker Blotter is used to blot excess ink … basically designed so that you don’t have to wait for the ink to dry. An absolute must if you use a fountain pen or pen with easily smudged ink. You simply rock the blotter over your writing and it blots up any excess ink so it doesn’t smudge. It’s easy to change the paper as well. Simply unscrew the handle, take out the blotting paper and replace with new. A blotter is old fashioned in concept, definitely from the days before computers when everyone had to write, but for those who still do, this does the deed beautifully.”

“If you are a journal or letter writer, snailmailer or keep a regular diary (or know someone who does) and aren’t using a blotter, then this is a need to have writers tool.” – from PumpjackPiddlewick listing

“This blotter comes with its original layer of wool, and several pieces of old (hand made?) blotting paper, in varying conditions of use. “

Measurements for this blotter are showing: “14cm (5.5in) in length, by 7cm (3in) wide, and approximately 8cm (3 1/4 in) high.”

On this Wednesday, it finds us five days away from my Third Year Anniversary for AnchoredScraps blogging daily! Thank you for joining me today for French Vintage Small Wood Rocker Desk Blotter. Wishing you a great day ahead!
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Images French Vintage Small Wood Rocker Desk Blotter, excerpt from PumpjackPiddlewick The full listing is showing “Journal Writers Friend, French vintage small wood rocker desk blotter avoids ink smudges diaries, letters, mail. Fountain pen writing tool”.  Tweet @PumpjackP 8:14 AM – 20 Feb 2018

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