#InCoWriMo2018 February Letter Writing

It is time to begin preparing for the upcoming #InCoWriMo2018 February Letter Writing event! Last year was my first year to participate and met some fantastic new Pen Pals through it!

Today’s post on this beautiful Saturday is all about timing! Now is the time if you would like to consider participating this year. Please note, I’m a participant just like everyone else. I love the event and hope you’ll consider trying it.

Upcoming InCoWriMo February 2017#InCoWriMo2018 February Letter Writing

The idea is to write one letter each day during the month of February which means writing 28 letters. Last year I ended up writing 125 letters during February!

This is the link to the #InCoWriMo2018 site that is posting the newest information in preparation for the February Letter Writing event.  Currently one can sign up to be included in the 2018 address book.  They call it the “pre-show” to the event.  Please note: “New names will be added regularly until February 1st when this years official list of participants will be posted here.”

You can see my posting introducing myself at this link and even get to “like” and comment! And I’ve also posted a comment here.

Have fun exploring!

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#InCoWriMo2018 February Letter Writing Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

#InCoWriMo2018 February Letter Writing, excerpt

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