Guarding Tess Presidential Library Letters

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Guarding Tess Presidential Library Letters

The 1994 movie, Guarding Tess, is set in Ohio. If you have not seen the movie, it gets its name for the name of the former First Lady character Tess Carlisle. Shirley MacLaine endearingly has the lead actress role; Nicolas Cage is the Secret Service agent “Guarding Tess”. The movie includes her having a Presidential Library established for her late husband.

Throughout the movie we’ll see her siting at her secretary desk hand writing letters with personal correspondence. Should you be looking for a movie to add to your list to watch, or re-watch, I hope you’ll include this one. It is especially nice seeing the special bond they have which the last ten minutes does a great job sharing.

Furthermore, here is a link to the 1994 movie review of Guarding Tess by Roger Ebert I’m including; sometimes I prefer to read reviews after seeing the movie!

Guarding Tess Movie Preview

Within the movie preview of”Guarding Tess” we see her at the dedication of the Presidential Library.

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Image Antique pocket clock on vintage books and letters background ID 40697280 © Neirfy

YouTube Guarding Tess – Trailer, Posted by YouTube Movies; Published on Apr 10, 2017

Guarding Tess Movie Reivew by Roger Ebert  

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