Thinking of You 1988 Stamp

With our letter writing today, we are looking at the Thinking of You 1988 Stamp; it was one of four stamps the 1988 Special Occasions 12 stamp booklet was featuring for three dollars.

Today I’m finding it applicable to send a few notes to friends unable to make a volunteer meeting; I’m sending a hand written letter to each sharing they were missed. I’m hoping to see them at the next meeting. It is not a formal placement I have, it is just something wanting to take a few minutes to express the sentiment.  Finding this Thinking of You 1988 Stamp is so perfect over at The Mystic Stamp Company!

#2397 – 1988 25c Thinking of You US Stamp

#2397 – 25c Thinking of You 1988 Stamp “The 1988 Special Occasions stamps feature four often-requested messages. Not only are the subjects popular, but the greeting card-style illustrations by artist Harry Zelenko are fresh and colorful.”

Perhaps there is someone you are missing seeing this month and sending a Thinking of You note might be just the thing to stay in touch! Join me tomorrow as we welcome Friday heading into the weekend – in the meantime I’m off to get at least one of the Thinking of You 1988 Stamp.

Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. Today is day 15 of #InCoWriMo2018

Thinking of You 1988 Stamp Attribution & Thank you to the following who I am referencing today –

Mystic Stamp Company #2397 – 1988 25c Thinking of You, image, excerpt.

US Stamp – 1988 Special Occasions – 12 Stamp Booklet Pane #BK165, image

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