Daily Tracking Rubber Stamp

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Daily Tracking Rubber Stamp
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It is exciting to find the Daily Tracking Rubber Stamp; loving the idea of using it with daily fitness log, sharing in letter writing, and more!

With a day which has included the treadmill and listening to Zig Ziglar “Over The Top”, I’m continuing to have fitness in mind when letter writing.  Having several Pen Pals who are striving to ongoing maintain their weight loss, and/or get rid of the winter pounds put on has us tracking our foot steps!

In addition, my quest continues with figuring out the caveats of using my activity tracker in parallel with treadmill. I’m now up to two heart rate bands and will be sharing my findings soon. (There is more on my quest in the P.S. at the end of today’s blog).

Daily Tracking Rubber Stamp

Image of Daily Tracking Rubber Stamp from Etsy Shop MourningDoveDesigns2 . This is a clickable image to the listing.

Over at the Etsy Shop MourningDoveDesigns2 it is showing this Daily Tracking Rubber Stamp handmade item. The item comes with free shipping to the United States.

“This is a great way to have time little benefits of a bullet journal without the hassle!  
Just use this stamp to help track your daily activities, steps, water intake and something you’re grateful for! 
This small stamp (only 1×1.5 inches) fits easily in the corner of a daily planner or on a page of a journal!

In conclusion, I’m loving this Daily Tracking Rubber Stamp!

If you are finding yourself wanting have a Pen Pal to share striving for completing 10,000 steps daily, I’m happy to have us be fitness Pen Pals! Furthermore, my Contact page has details for connecting. Perhaps we are already Pen Pals and would like to expand the conversation – we can do that too! Here’s to completing those 10,000 daily steps!

 Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. Apparently with my Activity Tracker – if I’m not moving my arms while using it, then it does not reflect the steps. An example is using my treadmill and having my hands on the heart rate bars, it means I’m not moving my arms – and alas the steps are not recording. It means I’m now not putting my hands on the heart rate bar, and using their heart rate band. The treadmill does not reflect my heart rate because it is not using the same ANT+ technology as the heart rate band. Trying out the idea of wearing two bands today was not realistic. At this point I’m also investigating an ankle band to insert the activity tracker inside. The quest continues – stay tuned!

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Images, and excerpt: MourningDoveDesigns2 Daily Tracking Rubber Stamp, Step Tracker, Water Tracker, Daily Gratitude– Bullet Journal Stamp– Free Shipping

Zig Ziglar “Over The Top” 1994 Audio Cassette

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