Converting Excel Address to vcf format – excel2vcard converter

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Converting Excel Address to vcf format – excel2vcard converter
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Today we are looking at how to go about Converting Excel Address to vcf format.

When out and about and having a few minutes it may find us wanting to do a little letter writing. It could be while out waiting for an appointment; alas, to only discover the snail mail address is not with you. By exporting the names and addresses from an excel file it is easy to convert to .vcf format and import onto our smartphone – all while not having to go through the “cloud”!  At the end of today’s post I’m including links to my two blog posts from March 2015 on how to export names in Outlook into csv.

Converting Excel Address to vcf format

In exploring this week tools available the one I am personally now using is excel2vcard converter (Converting Excel Data To VCards – Dead Simple). On that page it includes a 5 minute How To video; and it includes a review link by Softpedia.

The pricing is $10 for Europe, and $13.51 in US. I am using the Windows version, there is also a Mac OS version.  There is a free version to try it out for 10 records. The purchasing it was very easy and it accepts PayPal.

“The Problem It Solves –
So you ended up with this excel document or csv file full of names and addresses that you got from somewhere, and you want to import the data into your Mac OS address book ( or MS Outlook or some other software that understands how to deal with those so called vCard files.
Excel2vCard is here to help!   
The free version will export 10 rows max., once you purchase the app (for 10 EUR or whatever the equivalent in your currency is) you can export as many vCards as you like. The license never expires, and all updates are free.”

Furthermore, in addition to excel2vcard there are other applications out there, including free versions by other groups; however, I have not tried them nor researched them.

In conclusion, here’s to having our names and addresses with us while mobile helping us write more letters!

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