Letters to Barbara & Wee Deliver USPS Literacy Program

This morning we are recalling Barbara Bush letter writing including her involvement with Wee Deliver USPS literacy program; it encourages school children to write letters. Next, there is also an article at Linn’s, and finally, I’m recalling her needlepoint rug which “found a home in her family’s living room at the White House.”  

“We remember her as a champion of literacy — an enthusiasm that included the art of letter writing.”

Over at the USPS LINK there is an article from last Thursday on “Letters to Barbara – Former first lady was fond of mail”. The article includes the image shown in the Tweet inspiring today’s post; my thanks to Twana Barber with the U.S. Postal Service.

USPS LINK – Letters to Barbara &
Wee Deliver USPS Literacy Program

“Barbara Bush is being remembered this week as a champion of literacy — an enthusiasm that included the art of letter writing.

The former first lady, who died April 17 at age 92, had more than one pen pal during her lifetime.

Bush received many letters from her husband, George H.W. Bush, while they were engaged and he was serving as a Navy pilot during World War II...

During their White House years, Barbara was a proponent of Wee Deliver, a USPS literacy program that encouraged schoolchildren to write letters, and George and Barbara’s Christmas card list reportedly contained 10,000 names…”

To read the entire article click here. It includes getting a letter from Marge Simpson of “The Simpsons” and “a 12-year-old livestock show participant who named one of her cows Barbara Bush.”

Linn’s Stamp News

Furthermore, Linn’s Stamp News has a wonderful article recalling “Fond memories of Barbara Bush”. It is about her first-day ceremony appearance on the White House grounds with the Post Master General finalizing “its plans for a 15¢ postal card promoting literacy.

Barbara Bush Needlepoint Rug

As we wrap up, this past week I’ve been recalling a magazine clipping of a needlepoint rug that Barbara was working on – one section at a time. I must have carried the article around with me for years; it was an inspiration gazing at it while creating my needlepoint sampler all those years ago.

In writing today’s blog I’ve been able to locate an image of it from Needlepoint News. The NY Times has a photo of it referencing the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station, Texas.

Looking at the photo of the rug by Barbara Bush continues to inspire. It reminds me that our  day in and day out actions do add up, whether it is letter writing, needlepoint, exercise, gardening, dog training, volunteering, or any endeavor, especially made all the more sustainable with enthusiasm! 

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Image of “A needlepoint rug Barbara Bush stitched in the 70’s found a home in her family’s living room at the White House. George Bush Presidential Library and Museum – NY Times Slide Show

USPS LINK: “Letters to Barbara – Former first lady was fond of mail”

@TwanaBarber @BarberTwana1 8:11 AM – 24 Apr 2018 Tweet, image, excerpt

Fond memories of Barbara Bush: Inside Linn’s, April 20, 2018 11:45 AM

Amazon Needlepoint News: Barbara Bush: A Rug That Captured History; … (Issue 75, September-October 1986) Paperback – 1986
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NY Times Change at the White House, image

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