Sending Mothers Day eCard Featuring Billy Joel

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Sending Mothers Day eCard Featuring Billy Joel
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This is a lot of fun seeing we can send Mothers Day eCard Featuring Billy Joel for FREE thanks to Sony and This morning take a few minutes and enjoy a treat, I’m including a winning combination at the end of my post. Over at his site, under Latest News, I’m seeing a May 7th story – “Send A Mother’s Day ECard Featuring Music By Billy Joel”.    

Sending Mothers Day eCard Featuring Billy Joel

Mothers Day eCard Featuring Billy Joel

Before we get started, Today is Billy Joel’s Birthday!

And there is this article from yesterday, May 8th.

“Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, but don’t panic if you’ve yet to get a gift—we’ve got you covered for all the Billy Joel-loving moms in your life. No, we’re not talking concert tickets. We’re talking eCards.

Billy Joel’s hookin’ it up with some Mother’s Day help thanks to Sony Music. The record label set up, where you can go to create your own Mother’s Day eCard. What makes this card so special?

For starters. You can customize your card with your own photos and then change the size, design, colors, and/or message. But the selling point? You can add you choice of one of the following Billy Joel classics: “Piano Man,” “Uptown Girl,” “You May Be Right,” “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel),” “She’s Got A Way,” “Just The Way You Are,” “She’s Always a Woman,”…  To read entire story click here.”

This Night

While it is not on the list of songs for the Mothers Day eCard Featuring Billy Joel, I could not resist including Billy Joel, “This Night” from his 1983 “An Innocent Man” album. I’m still recalling playing this on the cassette tape player in my car, over and over!


Winning Combination – Tour Tickets & eCard

In looking at the Billy Joel concert tour schedule, I’m seeing he will be in concert in Winston-Salem, NC on October 12, 2018!  You could always pick up some Billy Joel tickets to take your Mom for celebrating Mother’s Day. The winning combination is to then include a photo of the tickets with the photos you upload for Mother’s Day eCard!   In closing, Happy Birthday Billy Joel – he is 69 years young today!

 Anchors Aweigh,

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