Celebrating May 10 BirthDAYS

Today is a bit whimsical with Celebrating May 10 BirthDAYS. I include sharing how this challenge to see who I share this day with came about, list some names you probably recognize, and we close with one of those having a Birthday today singing Happy Birthday to You from a concert posted over at YouTube.

Before starting, I’m sharing since returning from WordCamp Raleigh it has been even busier around here. It is exciting seeing the Next Chapter ahead for me with having just formed my LLC, details will follow soon in a future post! I’m grateful for my many blessings, especially getting to be here each day on this daily letter writing blog post journey. Today is daily blog post #1,170.

Who do you share This Day In History With Birthday Challenge

Yesterday’s post was perfect timing with Sending Mothers Day eCard Featuring Billy Joel music, which happened to be his birthday. As a result, one of my Three Muses challenged me to see who on This Day in History, I’m sharing a Birthday with today!

Celebrating May 10 BirthDAYS

We begin with both Max Steiner and David O. Selznick who are known for their classic movies Casablanca and Gone with the Wind. Other film scores for Max Steiner include Since You Went Away, and Life With Father. Several of these movies I’ve included in previous blog posts here with a letter writing aspect: Recalling Since You Went Away Statue of Liberty Scene 7-04-2017; “Life with Father” 6-15-2015; and Constitution Day 9-17-2015. There are U.S. postage stamps Max Steiner #3339 – 1999 33cent USPS Stamp, and two for Gone With The Wind (1990, 1998).

Next, your family probably had The Story of Civilization eleven-volume set of books on the bookcase; covering Western history by Will and Ariel Durant. We have a set of them too.

We continue with Fred Astaire who was born on this day, May 10. I’m linking below to a YouTube of Michael Jackson recalling his inspiration from him. Also, there is a link to photos of him meeting with John Travolta.

Furthermore, like me, you have seen more than just a few of the episodes of PBS travel series with Rick Steves, love his narrating style!

When Barbara Taylor Bradford, wrote A Woman of Substance in 1979, it became “… one of the top ten best-selling novels ever written with more than 32 million copies sold.” I’m recalling reading it in the early 1980’s. When first sitting down to read it I skipped ahead to the back reading the last chapter first! It is a wonderful book following the story of her character, Emma Harte.

Lastly, it is his Birthday today too – I’m wrapping up with Bono, singing Happy Birthday To You! 

In conclusion, have fun finding Who do you share This Day In History With Birthday Challenge. 

 Anchors Aweigh,

Celebrating May 10 BirthDAYS Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

Wiki The Story of Civilization;  Wiki May 10

Bono Happy Birthday YouTube

Images above USPS stamps as noted with links

Barbara Taylor Bradford website, excerpt

The image above is shown from Mystic Stamp Company, 1987 22c Happy Birthday!  U.S. #2272 Special OccasionsBooklet Stamps; @USPS


Fred Astaire Tribute – February 4, 1978

AnchoredScraps Neon Celebrate Stamp Coordinated Notecards  8-09-2016; In time for 25th Wedding Anniversary Today! 11-07-2017



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