Date Meets Zip 61018 Pictorial Postmark

It is fun seeing we can send off for this Date Meets Zip 61018 Pictorial Postmark. The zip code for Dakota, IL is 61018 which matches today’s date of 6-10-18.

Sending off for a Pictorial Postmark is a fun way of adding a little extra to our letter writing.  The process for requesting is easy to do and rewarding. To see the listing of currently available Pictorial Postmarks click here.

“Customers wishing to obtain a postmark must affix stamps to any envelope or postcard of their choice, address the envelope or postcard to themselves or others, insert a card of postcard thickness in envelopes for sturdiness, and tuck in the flap. Place the envelope or postcard in a larger envelope and address it to: Pictorial Postmarks, followed by the Name of the Station, Address, City, State, ZIP+4® Code, as listed next to the postmark.”

Date Meets Zip 61018 Pictorial Postmark

This is the address for requesting it as shown in the current USPS Postal Bulletin for Dakota, IL Pictorial Postmark.

Date Meets Zip 61018 Pictorial PostmarkJune 10, 2018

United States Postal Service

Date Meets ZIP Station


139 West Main Street

Dakota, IL 61018-9998

Happy Sunday! Father’s Day 2018 is one week from today. As a reminder, it is time to put any cards and letters into the mail to arrive in time!

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USPS Postal Bulletin 22495, Pictorial Postmarks Announcement, 6-07-2018, image Dakota, IL Date Meets Zip 61018 Pictorial Postmark

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