Popsicles Frozen Treats Forever Stamps

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Popsicles Frozen Treats Forever Stamps
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The Frozen Treats Forever Stamps are arriving on June 20 in time for Summertime letter writing. My sincere Thanks to AnchoredScraps email blog subscriber Tracy for emailing me about these scratch and sniff stamps last week.

Ice Cream Sandwich PostcardIn case you missed it, or are a new subscriber, I’m including this image and link to my AnchoredScraps 6-27-2017 post about how to make a Summer Novelty Ice Cream Sandwich Postcard.

Popsicles Frozen Treats Forever Stamps

There are ten designs in the “double-sided booklet of 20 stamps” of the first-class rate of 50 cents each.

Frozen Treats Forever Stamps

Image @USPS 2018 Frozen Treats Forever Stamps

“Frozen Treats stamps feature frosty, colorful pops on a stick in a variety of shapes and flavors. This booklet of 20 scratch-and-sniff stamps showcases whimsical watercolor illustrations in 10 different designs.”

The Postal Bulletin article goes on to share the printing is “with a coating that evokes a sweet summer scent…”

For details on ordering First-Day-of-Issue Postmark and First-Day Covers click here.

As we wrap up, here’s a reminder the Raleigh Fountain Pen Show is this weekend.

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P.S. Today is letter writing daily blog post #1,193 on the countdown to milestone #1,200!

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