PaperDirect Printable Fresh Lemonade Postcards

If the weather is hot today you’ll enjoy these PaperDirect Printable Fresh Lemonade Postcards. It is available for free downloading locally for the Desktop Printable or the Custom Printable where they do the printing.

“Customize using our Free PaperTemplates, online eTemplates, or any word processing program”

From their About the product page,

“Innovation at it’s best, these Spring Designed Postcards make great self-mailers and invitations. Jumbo (5½”x8½”) Standard (4¼”x5½”), 2-sided, 65 lb stock. Also available custom printed on full site…”

As you will see in the screenshot, look for the “Download Template” button. You are able to open MS Word and insert your text.

Screenshot of the PaperDirect Desktop Printable Fresh Lemonade Postcards clickable image links to it

At first glance, I’m thinking of including the Meyer Lemon stamp to the postcard; however, the two-cent definitive stamp at the USPS is in a coil of 10,000 stamps! In looking at ordering from the Mystic Stamp Company Meyers Lemon stamp, US #5256 2018 2c they can be purchased individually. You’ll notice they are listing it at a little bit higher price and then it will add shipping. With this option of ordering, the Meyer Lemon stamps are available without buying the entire roll!

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PaperDirect Printable Fresh Lemonade Postcards Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

Mystic Stamp Company


AnchoredScraps blog post: Love Flourishes and Meyer Lemons Stamps 1-18-2018

PaperDirect website Printable Fresh Lemonade Postcards


Screenshot of the PaperDirect Custom Printable Fresh Lemonade Postcards clickable image links to it



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