The Song of The Post Card

We are looking today at an actual postcard of “The Song of The Post Card”; it is a reproduction as it states on the back image of it. My special thanks to our Show & Tell Session last night at the Wilmington Philatelic Society June Meeting. One of our members brought in one of his postcard collections and this gem was in it!

The Song of The Post Card

The postcard includes the Words by J. D. Dillenback and Music by Joe Newman.

I’m including the text here so that it is not just being seen in the image.

“There is a song in my heart today, Let this Post Card sing it to you, I pray: “I’m thinking of you today, dear friend, Thinking of you today;  Though long miles lie between us, dear friend, I am thinking of you today”

The Song of The Post Card

And here is the back of  The Song of The Post Card. 

It includes a logo stating “Post Card Collectors Club of America”, P-9-49.

I’m including the below two grouping of postcards with words and music. It includes our focus postcard.


Postcard grouping1 with words and music – it includes The Song of The Post Card


Postcard grouping2 with words and music – shows the back of The Song of The Post Card

Thank you for joining me today; as a reminder, tomorrow is Flag Day and we’ll be including it in my post.

 Anchors Aweigh,  


Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today

The Song of the Postcard, image, excerpt; Copyrighted 1908, by JD Dillenback; Published by J. D. Dillenback, UniversityPark, Colo.

Wilmington Philatelic Society

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