Bicycle Stationery built for eight

Think bicycle built for eight, when seeing this Bicycle Stationery; over at the Etsy Shop, PrimpedAndPapered is offering it in sets of eight. And for fun, I’m including the 32¢ Men’s Cycling 1996 Summer Olympics USPS stamp. They have some available for ordering.

In addition, you’ll want to read about the additional custom services PrimpedAndPapered has available. It includes offering personalization hand-lettered calligraphy. There is even the option of having them address your envelopes for you!

The Bicycle Stationery is being advertising perfect for notecards or invitations.

“This listing is for a fun set of bicycle stationery! 8 gravel envelopes have been hand-lined with bicycle paper and embossed with a bicycle stamp…” 

To read the full description, click here.

Image from Mystic Stamp Company

In conclusion, it is fun looking at combinations of stamps to go with our stationery! Look around at the stamps you have on hand, you may already have some sets – and have fun using with your next letter writing. Join me tomorrow as we kick off another week.


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Bicycle StationeryBicycle Stationery built for eight Attribution & Thank you to the following who I am referencing today –

Bicycle Stationery by Etsy Shop PrimpedAndPapered, offering “Handmade custom paper goods for any occasion!”

Mystic Stamp Company





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