Handcraft Vintage Typewriter Prop

The idea of getting to have it look like a real typewriter is what the NAVAdeal Handcraft Vintage Typewriter Prop is all about – talk about keeping up appearances! 

The Dimensions & weight say it all: 12″ x 12″ x 7 1/2” ; 3.3 lbs

The description begins with:

“Retro & old fashioned style: Made of high durable tinplate material, hand painted and polished, featuring in the shape of a retro old-fashioned typewriter.”

NAVAdeal Handcraft Vintage Typewriter Prop

  • “Huge selection: Perfect for photograph studio/ wedding/ cafe coffee shop/ bookstore / home/ theme party decoration.
  • Gift idea: Great gift for everyone. It can also be a nice item for You-tuber or video makers.”

This could be a lot of fun to have as decor where we do our letter writing.

It is available for less than fifty dollars at the NAVAdeal website. The only thing that really comes to mind at this point is – it will probably still need to be dusted from time to time. Perhaps finding a typewriter dust cover would be a fun addition to it! 

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