Owney Dog Day Pictorial Postmark

On this Saturday, over at the Danbury Railway Post Office, there is an Owney Dog Day Pictorial Postmark.

Furthermore, today is the debut of the Scooby Doo stamp. It has truly been a day ‘for the dogs’ at Post Offices.

About the Owney Dog Day Pictorial Postmark

“A celebration honoring the legacy of Owney, the Railway Post Office dog. A centerpiece of the day will be the museum’s fully-restored Pennsylvania Railroad circa-1910 Railway Post Office (RPO) car where a US Postal Service representative will sell stamps and cancel envelopes with a special one-day “Owney Day” pictorial postmark. The event includes a train ride, access to all activities, a free Owney-cacheted envelope, and a free hot dog.”

This is the address for requesting the Owney Dog Day Pictorial Postmark. Please note this timeframe stipulation – be sure to have your request postmarked “no later than 30 days following the requested pictorial postmark date.” Full details for requesting can be found here.

Owney Postal Dog Forever Stamp
Clickable image linking to AnchoredScraps blog post: “Owney Postal Dog Forever Stamp” by Helen Rittersporn on 8-26-2017

July 14, 2018

Danbury Railway Museum

Owney Day Station


23 Backus Avenue

Danbury, CT 06810-9998

This is a link to the currently available listing of USPS Pictorial Postmarks.

The Owney Dog Day Pictorial Postmark is one I’m requesting for some of my letters I’m currently handwriting.  Enjoy!

Join me tomorrow as we continue this weekend with beautiful weather, for my Sunday blog post!


Anchors Aweigh,


Scooby Doo Forever Stamp
Father’s Day 2018 & Scooby Doo Forever Stamp Arriving July 14  6-17-2018

P.S. Today is daily consecutive blog post #1,235 – Owney Dog Day Pictorial Postmark


Owney Dog Day Pictorial Postmark Attribution & Thank you to the following who I am referencing today –

USPS Postal Bulletin 22497; 7-05-2018, image, excerpt

Railway Post Office Dog Day, July 14, 2018

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