WordCamp Birmingham 2018 WrapUp & don’t miss Adam Silver podcast airing tomorrow

Today has been extraordinary; before we do anything else with my WordCamp Birmingham 2018 WrapUp be sure to catch the airing of the Adam Silver podcast tomorrow, recorded and produced during his live presentation today! Go to this link for KitchenSinkWP.com tomorrow morning the session will be posted and you can hear it.

don’t miss Adam Silver podcast airing tomorrow at KitchenSinkWP.com

In his live presentation today he interviewed two first time workcampers with a packed room. The session was “How To Grow Your Business With Podcasting (Workshop)

Furthermore, during his workshop presentation, he began the entire process of creating the podcast from start to finish live all while explaining it. The session airs tomorrow and you will see it listed at that link.

LOVING the enthusiasm of first-time attendees at WordCamp sharing their thoughts on what the event meant to them.

Here first-time WordCamper Marliceia Chavers is the first of two being interviewed live for KitchenSinkWP.com.

The second person is also attending her first-time WordCamp. (Will update with her name once it is posted with the podcast notes at Adam’s site tomorrow).

Earlier during lunch

If you have ever been curious about WordPress and having your own blog you’ll want to consider attending WordCamp event! 

My morning began with attending the dynamic session by William Jackson. It was a great way to begin the day!

This photo of Nathan Ingram, Lead Organizer with Ryan Marks, Volunteer Wrangler / Speaker Wrangler; photo taken at the closing session.

My sincere thanks again for the opportunity of being a presenter and for the welcoming WordCamp Birmingham 2018 Community!

Seeing so many presentations showing the ‘TaDahhhh” type of group photos from previous WordCamps was the inspiration for getting this group photo.

There are more photos which I’ll be putting into a digital scrapbook page layout and will post within the next few days; I’ll be sure to make it a blog post! In the meantime, here are a few more photos before closing today’s post.

It was a lot of fun sharing with everyone that I use digital technology to connect with analog kindred letter-writing enthusiasts! Now for me to begin the letter writing of many thank you’s to get into the snail-mail!  Join me tomorrow as we kick-off a new week here at AnchoredScraps!

 Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. Today is my daily blog post #1,257!

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In case you missed yesterday’s post for Day 1, here’s my link to WordCamp Birmingham 2018 Greetings!




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