USPS LINK: Carolinas Postal Service Recovering

Did you happen to read the USPS News Link story about the Carolinas Postal Service Recovering? My thanks to the post office person at the counter for sharing it with me.

On this Saturday of what would have been our 2018 WordCamp Wilmington event (which was Canceled last week), I’m grateful for our many blessings.

USPS LINK: Carolinas Postal Service Recovering

From the story we read:

USPS has resumed deliveries and reopened Post Offices in areas where it’s safe to do so, although service remains suspended in some locations. …

“Hurricane Florence and its aftermath are testing us, but the Postal Service is rising to the challenge. Our priority remains the safety of our employees and customers,” said Capital Metro Area Vice President  Linda Malone, whose jurisdiction includes the region hit by the storm.

Postal Service in Recovery mode following FlorenceThe ending sentence in the story is worth noting:

“Customers should check the USPS Service Alerts site for updates. The Postal Service is also updating customers on social media and through the news media.”

We continue to have the impact of Florence unfolding. Here’s to staying dry, and having strength and endurance.

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USPS News Link: After Florence, USPS resumes service following storm Sept. 19, 2018

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