Origami Stationery Kit eBook

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Origami Stationery Kit eBook
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With having a longer than usual weekend, you may find the Origami Stationery Kit eBook of interest. I’m recalling my blog post from last year with airplane letters, and we have previously looked at Origami Envelopes (both links are at the end of today’s post.)

Clickable image linking to Trollbeads Origami Bead.

Furthermore, it is a delight to see the Origami Trollbeads available online! Trollbeads are “The Original Since 1976”.

Origami Stationery Kit eBook

The do-it-yourself is available on Amazon as a 64-page booklet Kindle for $5.99, and also as a paperback for $17.95.  There are 15 origami projects with step-by-step instructions and diagrams.

“Make beautiful, hand-made origami envelopes, note cards and other stationary with this great origami ebook!”

“One of the casualties of the digital age is the elegance of a handwritten note. World renowned origami artist Michael LaFosse introduces Origami Stationery which allows origami paper craft folders to create more than just a note, but a work of art that will accent your personal messages…”

“… Custom printed papers are included to make your notes well dressed for any occasion. Once you learn how to fold any of these origami designs you can explore many kinds of fine papers for your notes. All of the projects use square shaped paper, which doesn’t necessarily need to be origami paper…”

Thank you for joining me today. In conclusion, whether having folds of our stationery paper for origami, or paper airplanes, or other – the creativity of sharing with our letter-writing is sure to be a wonderful surprise to the recipient(s)!

And I would be remiss if I did not share the below friendly P.S. at the end of today’s post about Trollbeads!

 Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. Today is blog post #1,285 celebrating letter writing!

P.P.S. Collecting Trollbeads collecting them can be very habit forming!

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