Vintage Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Ad Postcard

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Vintage Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Ad Postcard
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It amazes me to find this Vintage Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Ad Postcard available online! 

With working on Hurricane Florence clean-up at our home, it was not surprising existing vacuum cleaner died!  Fast forward to today with my “sudden” interest in Electrolux.   

Our blog topic is reflecting buying a ‘slightly used’ Electrolux Genesis LX upright locally earlier today. Finding it with Sidekick attachments still in their original box and in almost new condition was a welcoming surprise.

Vintage Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Ad Postcard

The postcard listing is by “Mary L. Martin LTD Postcards recognized as one of the worlds leading postcard dealers… Retail Store located in Havre de Grace, MD”.

As we wrap up, my letter writing these days is lacking me sitting down and writing much-needed catch-up letters to pen pals; however, knowing you read my blog helps in sharing I am now striving to write a note each day moving forward!

For those of you also going through the clean-up process, and waiting on insurance adjustors, hang in there!

Anchors Aweigh,  



Vintage Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Ad Postcard Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today for my daily blog post encouraging letter writing

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