2019 Focused Engagement Theme & FutureMe

We are kicking off the New Year with my theme this year of 2019 Focused Engagement; extending beyond letter writing aspects to work-life balance scales in general. Also, have fun with the FutureMe free tool sending emails to yourself a year from now – up to you to determine the arrival day!

2019 Focused Engagement

In the coming days and weeks, I’ll be sharing more on this theme. For today, I’m suggesting for the items we end up prioritizing and deeming important to do them with intentional 2019 Focused Engagement.

With letter writing, I’m looking at increasing letter writing frequency with pen pals, especially since they reciprocate writing you back!


From my recent blog, Christmas Present to Myself, (12-21-2018) I was sharing this P.S. about looking forward to reading my email January 1st. Neon Celebrate! Forever Stamp

P.S. Back on January 1st this year, in my blog “Losing Weight Letter Writing 2018 Goals FutureMe“, it was about sending an email to my future self using this free service. I’m looking forward to its arrival on January 1, 2019!

This morning, January 1, 2019, my FutureMe email arriving was exciting reading it, especially since my predicted weight for today I am BELOW it by over a pound!


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