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As we kick off the bright new year, we are combining Losing Weight Letter Writing 2018 Goals & FutureMe letter writing site!

If you just went through another Holiday season where you had to really spend some time to carefully disguise the extra pounds and vowing not next year, then my theme for Losing Weight Letter Writing 2018 Goals may be something you want to try out too.

We can substitute a hobby for Letter Writing – the idea is our hands will be busy with writing and NOT grabbing another hand of Fritos, M&M’s, or candy du jour.

Given my blog began on February 26, 2015, there is no 2015 New Year’s Day blog post; however, there is for 2016 and 2017.


The service is free at FutureMe.org. There is a premium level for $3 (yes, three dollars). The idea is to “Write a letter to the future”. We are actually writing it in email format to then arrive a year, two years, (minimum of 30 days) from when writing.

Why not go ahead and send a letter to our future self and tie it in with weight loss goals?

I’m going to send one for a year from today, and every 90 days for starters en route to a year. Let’s go!  

Anchors Aweigh,


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